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아주대학교 소프트웨어학과에 오신 것을 환영합니다.

강경란 http://accl.ajou.ac.kr
전공 Internet Multicast, Embedded Network Software
학력 및 연구활동
  • 한국과학기술원 박사(1999)
  • 한국전자통신연구원 선임연구원 (1999-2000)
  • ㈜디지탈웨이브 책임연구원 (2000-2002)
  • A Blind Calibration Scheme Exploiting Mutual Calibration Relationships for a Dense Mobile Sensor Network, IEEE Sensors Journal (2014)
  • A Scalable Joint Routing and Scheduling Scheme for Large-scale Wireless Sensor Networks (2013)
  • A simple transmission mode switching scheme for IPTV multicast sessions on a hybrid wireless optical access network (2012)
  • A Mobile Community Service Platform Promoting Ubiquitous Collaboration (2011)
고영배 http://uns.ajou.ac.kr/~youngko
전공 Mobile Computing. Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
학력 및 연구활동
  • Texas A&M University 박사 (2000)
  • IBM T.J. Watson Research Center Research Staff (2000-2002)
  • 차세대 전술이동통신체계 무선 MSAP 메쉬망을 위한 혼합형 인증기법(2012)
  • Improving the Reliability of IEEE 802.11s Based Wireless Mesh Networks for Smart Grid Systems (2012)
  • Rank-aware Tree-based Geographical Routing for Tactical Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (2012)
김상훈 http://sslab.ajou.ac.kr
전공 Operating systems, memory systems, storage systems
학력 및 연구활동
  • KAIST 박사 (2016)
  • 성균관대학교 박사후연구원 (2016)
  • Virginia Tech 박사후연구원 (2016-2018)
  • Application-aware Swapping for Mobile Systems, EMSOFT, 2017
  • OS Support for Thread Migration and Distribution in the Fully Heterogeneous Datacenter, HotOS XVI, 2017
  • Controlling Physical Memory Fragmentation in Mobile Systems, ISMM, 2015
김성수 http://db.ajou.ac.kr
전공 디펜더블 시스템, 고신뢰성소프트웨어, 모델링및시뮬레이션
학력 및 연구활동
  • Texas A&M University 박사 (1995)
  • 삼성전자 수석연구원 (1983~1996)
  • A Reliability Analysis of Cascaded TMR Systems (2015)
  • Availability Analysis for A Data Center Cooling System with (n,k)-way CRASs (2015)
  • 유비쿼터스 커뮤니티 컴퓨팅시스템 통합 플랫폼 및 지능공간 구현 (2008)
노병희 http://mmcn.ajou.ac.kr
전공 멀티미디어 통신. Network 보안
학력 및 연구활동
  • 한국과학기술원 박사(1998)
  • 인지 전술 무선망에서 QoS 보장을 위한 정책기반 동적 채널 선택(2012)
  • Detection and Countermeasure Scheme for CallDisruption Attacks on SIP-Based VoIP Services(2012)
  • Efficient Capacity Allocation for Real-Time Traffic in MF-TDMA based GEO Satellite Systems(2012)
전공 Programming Language. HCI. Secure Software
학력 및 연구활동
  • 한국과학기술원 박사(1992)
  • 유비쿼터스 환경에서 자발적 상호연동을 지원하는 역할 기반 응용 모델(2012)
  • Perceived Affordance based Tangible Interfaces for Augmented Virtuality Simulation of Aerospace(2012)
  • Role-Based Application Model for Supporting Spontaneous Interaction(2010)
학력 및 연구활동
  • 1993.12 Univ. Southern California 박사
손경아 http://sites.google.com/site/kasohn
전공 Machine learning, Data mining, Biomedical informatics
학력 및 연구활동
  • Carnegie Mellon University 박사 (2011)
  • 서울대 의대 연구조교수 (2012)
  • 삼성종합기술원 연구원 (2003-2005)
  • Predicting Alzheimer’s disease progression using multi-modal deep learning approach, Scientific Reports (2019)
  • Fast, Accurate, and Lightweight Super-Resolution with Cascading Residual Network, ECCV (2018)
  • Embedding Senses via Dictionary Bootstrapping, UAI (2017)
  • hiHMM: Bayesian non-parametric joint inference of chromatin state maps, Bioinformatics (2015)
  • Comparative analysis of metazoan chromatin organization, NATURE (2014)
안정섭 https://jeongseob.github.io
전공 Computer Architecture, Systems for Machine Learning
학력 및 연구활동
  • KAIST 박사 (2015)
  • University of Michigan 연구원(2015 - 2016)
  • Oracle Labs 연구원 (2016 - 2017)
  • Caliper: Interference Estimator for Multi-tenant Environments Sharing Architectural Resources, ACM TACO (2019)
  • GrandSLAm: Guaranteeing SLAs for Jobs in Microservices Execution Frameworks, ACM EuroSys (2019)
  • Accelerating Critical OS Services in Virtualized Systems with Flexible Micro-sliced Cores, ACM EuroSys (2018)
  • Micro-sliced Virtual Processors to Hide the Effect of Discontinuous CPU Availability for Consolidated Systems, IEEE/ACM MICRO (2014)
  • Revisiting Hardware-Assisted Page Walks for Virtualized Systems, ACM/IEEE ISCA (2012)
오상윤 http://wise.ajou.ac.kr
전공 Data-Intensive Computing, 분산/병렬 컴퓨팅, 클라우드 컴퓨팅
학력 및 연구활동
  • Indiana University Bloomington 박사(2006)
  • SK텔레콤 전략기술부문 연구원(2006-2007)
  • Energy-efficient multisite offloading policy using Markov decision process for mobile cloud computing (PERVASIVE AND MOBILE COMPUTING) 2016
  • Evaluating ARM HPC clusters for scientific workloads (CONCURRENCY AND COMPUTATION-PRACTICE & EXPERIENCE) 2015
위규범 http://biocomp.ajou.ac.kr
전공 컴퓨팅이론. 생물정보학
학력 및 연구활동
  • Indiana University Bloomington 박사(1992)
  • Fast detection of high-order epistatic interactions in genome-wide association studies using information theoretic measure (2014)
  • A comment on two-locus epistatic interaction models for genome-wide association studies (2015)
윤대균 http://www.facebook.com/dkyoon
전공 Parallel & Distributed Systems, Service & Business Strategy
학력 및 연구활동
  • Ph.D. Computer Engineering, University of Southern California (1996)
  • 서울대학교 컴퓨터공학과 석사 (1985)
  • 서울대학교 컴퓨터공학과 학사 (1983)
  • 삼성전자 무선사업부 전무이사 (2014~2015)
  • NHN Technology Services 대표이사 (2011~2013)
  • NHN (Naver) 본부장 (2006~2011)
  • 네오스텝스 대표이사 (2000~2006)
  • 삼성전자 수석연구원 (1998~2000)
  • 현대정보기술 EC/보안 팀장 (1996~1997)
이석원 http://www.machinediscovery.com
전공 Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Software Assurance
학력 및 연구활동
  • George Mason University 박사(2003)
  • University of North Carolina 및 University of Texas 교수(2003~2011)
  • Senior Research Scientist, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC, 2000-2003)
  • Research Staff, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (2000)
  • Discovering Multi-dimensional Correlations among Regulatory Requirements to Understand Risk, ACM TOSEM(2011)
  • UML Design Pattern Metamodel-level Constraints for the Maintenance of Software Evolution, Software: Practice and Experience(2011)
  • Software Engineering for Secure Systems, Computers and Security(2010)
이슬 http://dilab.ajou.ac.kr
전공 Data Mining, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics
학력 및 연구활동
  • Purdue University 박사 (2010)
  • 한국뉴욕주립대 (Stonybrook University) 컴퓨터학과 조교수 (2012.09 - 2018.02)
  • 삼성종합기술원 Future IT 전문연구원 (2011.09 - 2012.08)
  • Purdue University, 박사후연구원 (2010.09 - 2011.08)
  • Yoo, J. & Sael, L.* (2019). EDiT: Interpreting Ensemble Models via Compact Soft Decision Trees. IEEE ICDM
  • Choi, D., & Sael, L.* (2019). SNeCT: Scalable network constrained Tucker decomposition for integrative multi-platform data analysis. IEEE/ACM TCBB.
  • Lee, J., Oh, S., & Sael, L.* (2018). GIFT: Guided and Interpretable Factorization for Tensors with an Application to Large-Scale Multi-platform Cancer Analysis. Bioinformatics, 34(24), 4151–4158.
학력 및 연구활동
  • 1988.02 서울대학교 박사
이환용 http://hylee.kr
전공 Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Mixed Reality, Embedded System, Standardization
학력 및 연구활동
  • 2011.02 경북대학교 박사
  • 2013-2015 경북대학교 산학협력중점교수
  • 2004-2013 HUONE Inc., CTO
  • 1999-2004 ACTSystem Inc., CEO
  • 1995-1999 POSTECH Researcher
학력 및 연구활동
  • Louisiana Baptist Univ. 석사(1997)
  • Motorola R&D 임원
  • Samsung Software Center 수석
  • Quality improvement of the embedded system software applying the automated software test methods (2002)
정태선 http://db.ajou.ac.kr
전공 Database Systems, Flash Memory Storages, Big Data, Sparial Databases, Telematics
학력 및 연구활동
  • 서울대학교 박사 (2002)
  • 삼성전자 책임연구원 (2002-2004)
  • 명지대학교 조교수 (2004-2005)
  • A Survey of flash translation layer. JSA (2009)
  • Hybrid associative flash translation layer for the performance optimization of chip-level parallel flash memory. ACM TOS (2013)
  • An efficient algorithm for computing safe exit points of moving range queries in directed road networks. Information Systems (2014)
조영종 http://accl.ajou.ac.kr/
전공 유무선 네트워크. SOcial Network 성능분석
학력 및 연구활동
  • 한국과학기술원 박사(1990)
  • 1985.02 한국과학기술원 석사(1985)
  • 1983.02 서울대학교 학사(1983)
  • Efficient Multicast Scheme based on Hybrid ARQ and Busy Tone for Multimedia Traffic in Wireless LANs (2014)
  • Adaptive Transmission Opportunity Scheme Based on Delay Bound and Network Load in IEEE 802.11e Wireless LANs (2013)
  • Dynamic FEC Scheme for Multicasting Real-Time Multimedia Traffic in WLANs (2013)
최영준 http://wnl.ajou.ac.kr
전공 무선 Network. Mobile Platform & Security
학력 및 연구활동
  • 서울대학교 박사(2006)
  • 진보된 스마트폰용 위치 기반 경로 검색 서비스 개발(2011)
  • Interference Coordination Scheme between WiFi and Zigbee Networks(2012)
  • Analysis of Best Channel Feedback and its Adaptive Algorithms for Multi-Carrier Wireless
전공 Data Science & Engineering, Graph Databases, Intelligent Systems, Business Intelligence
학력 및 연구활동
  • State University of New York at Buffalo 박사 (2004)
  • State University of New York at Buffalo, Computer Science and Engineering 석사(2001)
  • KAIST 경영과학 석사(1993)
  • KAIST 경영과학 학사(1990)
  • Stochastic Scheduling Problems for Maximizing the Expected Number of Early Jobs with Common or Exchangeable Due Dates (2012)
  • Stochastic Scheduling Problems for Maximizing the Number of Early Enough Jobs (2012)
  • A Review on Scheduling Problems for Minimizing the Number of Late Jobs (2011)
  • A Genetic Algorithm for Job Sequencing Problems with distinct due dates and general early-tardy penalty weights (1995)
한경식 http://www.ajouhcil.com/
전공 Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience, Data Science, Social Informatics
학력 및 연구활동
  • Pennsylvania State University 박사 (2015)
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Scientist (2015-2017)
  • How Do Humans Access the Credibility of Weblogs: Qualifying and Verifying Human Factors with Machine Learning, CHI 2019
  • Empirical Analysis of the Subjective Impressions and Objective Measures of Domain Scientists Visual Analytic Judgments, CHI 2017
  • Generation Like: Comparative Characteristics in Instagram, CHI 2015
황원준 https://sites.google.com/site/haepaly
전공 Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Deep Learning
학력 및 연구활동
  • 한국과학기술원 박사 (2016)
  • 삼성종합기술원 전문연구원 (2001-2016)
  • Inferring Interaction Force from Visual Information without using Physical Force Sensors, Sensors (2017)
  • Deep Neural Network using Color and Synthesized Three-dimensional Shape for Face Recognition, Journal of Electronic Imaging (2017)
  • Markov Network-based Unified Classifier for Face Recognition, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing (2015)
Rajib Paul https://scholar.google.co.kr/citations?user=p4MPT9cAAAAJ&hl=en
전공 Information and Computer Engineering
학력 및 연구활동
  • Ajou University, PhD (2017)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Software and Computer Engineering, Ajou University (2018- Present).
  • Wireless networks, Machine learning, Ad-hoc networks.
Sinshaw Yenewondim Biadgie
전공 Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Data Mining
학력 및 연구활동
  • Ajou University, PhD (2012)
  • Assistant Professor, Ajou University, Department of Computer Engineering, South Korea (2015.09-현재)
  • Post-doctoral Researcher, Visual Computing lab, Ajou University (2012.04-2015.08)
  • Lecturer, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia (2007.07-2008.02)
  • Senior Researcher, Ethiopian Information Technology Development Agency (2006.04-2007.06)
  • Assistant Lecturer, Arbaminch University, Ethiopia(2001.09-2003.09)
  • Speed up Feature Detector Using Adaptive Accelerated Segment Test, IETE Technical Review (2016)
  • Edge Adaptive Hierarchical Interpolation for lossless Image Coding and progressive transmission, KSII Transactions on Internet and Information System (2011)
전공 Electronics and Computer Engineering, Wireless Sensor Network
학력 및 연구활동
  • 단국대학교 박사(2007)
  • 방송정보 기술사(2009)
  • 인천대학교 겸임교수(2007-2009)
  • 재인산업개발 연구소장(2009-2010)
  • Some MAC Schemes for Sink Node Flying over Sparse Sensor Field(2017)
  • 비행 싱크 노드를 갖춘 희박한 무선 센서 망을 위한 ALOHA 기반 MAC 방식(2016)
  • Channel Modeling of I-UWB Systems for Indoor Life Environment(2007)
전공 Software Engineering. Model based Verification
학력 및 연구활동
  • 경희대학교 박사(2012)
  • 성균관대학교 박사후연구원/연구교수(2014~2017)
  • (주)Enumnet, Director of R&D LAB.(2017~2019)
  • Superpixel based ImageCut using Object Detection(2017~2018)
  • Content Based Traceability Between Research Artifact and Process for R&D Projects(2014~2017)
  • Model Transformation Verification using Similarity and Graph Comparison Algorithm(2013)
김민구 http://ceai.ajou.ac.kr
전공 인공지능. 지능형 정보검색. 데이터 마이닝
학력 및 연구활동
  • Pennsylvania State Univ 박사 (1989)
  • 한국과학기술원 석사(1979)
  • 서울대학교 학사(1977)
  • Implementing situation-aware and user-adaptive music recommendation service in semantic web and real-time multimedia computing environment (Multimedia Tools Application) (2011)
  • MUSEMBLE: A novel music retrieval system with automatic voice query transcription and reformulation (2008)
  • Developing Protege Plug-in: OWL Ontology Visualization using Social Network (2008)
전공 Computer Science (Computer Networks)
학력 및 연구활동
  • 한국과학기술원 박사(2007)
  • 한국정보통신대학교(현. 한국과학기술원) 포닥 (2007-2008)
  • 국방과학연구소 선임연구원 (2008-2014)
  • TCP-aware Uplink Scheduling for IEEE 802.16(2007)
전공 Data Communications, Medium Access Control, Wireless Sensor Networks
학력 및 연구활동
  • 단국대학교 박사(2009)
  • University of California at Los Angeles 박사후 연구원(2009-2010)
  • An Efficient Contending-type MAC Scheme for Wireless Passive Sensor Networks Affected by Capture Phenomenon(2019)
  • Equal Opportunity MAC Scheme for Contending Sensor Nodes in Wireless Passive Sensor Networks(2018)
  • Simple Contending-type MAC Scheme for Wireless Passive Sensor Networks: : Throughput Analysis and Optimization (2017)
전공 정보통신 전공
학력 및 연구활동
  • 1984.07 Kansas State University 박사
전공 Computer Vision, Algorithms, IT정책
학력 및 연구활동
  • Massachusetts Inst Tech(MIT) 박사 (1985)
  • 국방과학연구소 연구원 (1976)
  • IBM Cambridge Scientific Center 학생연구원 (1983)
  • Maryland대 Computer Vision Lab SEP Fellow (1988)
  • Cambridge 대 Computer Lab Inchon Memorial Fellow (1994)
  • 현재 IFIP (국제정보처리연합) 한국대표 (부회장 역임) (2001)
  • 한국정보과학회 회장 (2005)
  • 현재 Seoul Accord 부회장 (2013)
김하진 http://madang.ajou.ac.kr/~hjkimn
전공 정보컴퓨터공학 전공
학력 및 연구활동
  • 1980.05 E.N.S.M DE SAINT-ETIENNE 박사
전공 내장형시스템 (임베디드시스템)
학력 및 연구활동
전공 데이터베이스 전공
학력 및 연구활동
  • 1981.02 Univ Grenoble 1 박사
전공 통신망구조 및 관리 전공
학력 및 연구활동
  • Univ of Kansas 박사
학력 및 연구활동
전공 Software Testing. Operating System
학력 및 연구활동
  • Univ. Toulouse3 박사(1982)
  • 오토마타 이론을 적용한 Simulink 실행 모듈 구현(2012)
  • Modeling software requirequirement with timing diagram and Simulink Stateflow(2011)
  • Testing UPnP Internet Gateway Devices with Faulty Packets(2007)
전공 프로토콜공학 전공
학력 및 연구활동
  • 1989.12 University of Massachusetts Boston 박사